'A Clean Sweep before the Clean Sweep'

By Ed Simmons, Jr.

Part of the joy of life for Bill Thornton, 67, is walking a two-mile loop through Bowling Green. But the litter spoils things a little for the Milford Street resident.

"There is so much trash - and the bulk of it is recyclable. It's a pet peeve of mine I've decided to do something about," he said. And so, putting out a call for town volunteers, he's organizing a litter pick-up day he's calling "A Clean Sweep before the Clean Sweep." Student volunteers from Caroline's Promise are also lined up to help.

The date for Thornton's clean-up is June 5, starting at 8:30 a.m. He's organizing things so recyclables go in separate bags. Very Earth-friendly.

The following Saturday, June 12, is the annual town-wide yard sale, the "Bowling Green Clean Sweep," which ends with a Goodwill truck prowling the town for leftovers. Thornton, 67, has organized the town into 11 "Geographic Zones" for the litter pick-up and needs a captain for each zone.

Volunteers should call Town Hall at 633-6212. "This is exactly the sort of thing we want our kids involved in," said Sarah Davis of Caroline's Promise. "It sets a good example."